Muslims in Japan & Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Crisis

It has been quite some time now since we wrote about the Muslims in Japan on this website. Indeed, the massive earthquake, Tsunami and the ensuing nuclear crisis shattered the people living in Japan massively and we were no exception.  Now as the dust is finally settling down, we need to track the on-going relief efforts done by the Muslims in Japan along with the Japanese and other foreign relief agencies.

The day earthquake and the ensuing Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis struck off the Tohoku region in Japan, Muslims reached the affected areas to help the needy in whatever capacity they could.  They provided them food, shelter, beddings, clothes and other necessities of life wherever and whenever they needed.

In Iwaki, Fukushioma alone,  where the nuclear crisis is still threatening the very lives of the people living there, some Muslim organizations have been supplying food and other daily necessities to about 250 people on daily basis.  One notable Muslim organization is Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) which has been supplying food and other items ever since the crisis erupted.  Other organizations are also visiting the affected areas and victims to help them settle down in their areas of choice.  They continue to do so in the coming months as well until the victims have finally been able to recover from the massive devastation caused by the earthquake, Tsunami, and the  nuclear crisis.

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